Parenting Self-Growth

  • Are you a new parent experiencing post-partum depression, anxiety, or both?
  • Are you co-parenting and need consistency?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the developmental stages that your child is processing through?
  • Do you feel like you have a plan, but then it all changes?

You have come to the right place! I can help you. I am a parent myself and can help guide you along in this amazing part of life called parenting!

As you already know…. Parenting ebbs and flows and has it up’s and down’s…however; I can provide you with the tools to help you see the other side…

Let me ask you these questions…

  • Is your child engaging in disruptive behaviors that is increasing your level of stress?
  • Is your child constantly playing video games and not engaging in other activities that you wished they did?
  • Do you ask them to take space and they refuse to do so?
  • Are they constantly needing your attention and you don’t have any time for you?

Together we will:

  • Build contracts that will be concrete where your child can measure his/her own progress
  • Implement self-care time for the entire family
  • Develop lists of activities that your child may enjoy instead of video games
  • Identify triggers of postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Exercise coping skills to alleviate the depression and anxiety
  • Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
  • Learn more about you
  • Learn more about your parenting style and where you envision is growing


Your Journey Forward:

When you reach out for your free initial consult our relationship will begin to develop. We will discuss how you feel parenting is going for you. We will ask each other questions to see if tele-therapy suits you! As we move through this process we create a safe non-judgmental space. All of your information is 100% confidential! I will explain the counseling process to you and will encourage you to ask any questions that you may have!

How does this sound to you so far?

If you decide that we are great fit then we will continue to build our relationship….

Are You Ready To Own Your Story?

To be the most ultimate parent we first need to learn about ourselves.

  • What are your triggers?
  • In what situations do you feel overwhelmed?
  • How do you take care of yourself?
  • How do you and your partner support each other?
  • Do you have past wounds that you need to heal?

Together we will engage in powerful conversations that will help you learn more about yourself then you may have known before! You will see that once you heal your past wounds then you will easily can overcome your triggers. See my wound page for additional information.

Our children are our best teachers!

Healing The Root Cause And To Transform Into Your Authentic Self

Together we will engage in conversations that allows us to discover the root cause to the pain that you have been experiencing.

  • You will identify your triggers when it comes to parenting
  • You will learn to say “I need a break”
  • You will alleviate feelings of guilt and shame
  • You will be able to communicate your needs to your significant others
  • You will develop and implement boundaries
  • You will learn to identify/express your feelings
  • You will learn that you are not alone in this process
  • You will give yourself daily acts of kindness and self-compassion
  • You will develop behavioral plans on your own with tangible goals

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

This all starts with a phone call for your free consultation. I look forward from hearing from you. Please call me at 970-217-2486 or head to the contact me tab on this website to fill out the information for your free consult!

Much gratitude,

Mallorie Smolen LCSW

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