Teletherapy Services

Are you ready to tele-commute to your next session?

Teletherapy Services…


  • Expands access and convenience
  • Privacy in the individual’s own home
  • Reduces Stigma
  • Cultural Competency
  • Saves time
  • Shortens delays
  • Reaches individuals in rural areas
  • Supports individuals who experience anxiety and depression

What is Teletherapy health?

Teletherapy health uses secure, live video conferencing through ZOOM to allow face-to-face conversations between you and me. The video call is completely secure and confidential, and nothing is recorded. I will send you a private secure email with a secure ZOOM link inviting you to our session. Step-by-step instructions to download the ZOOM program will be provided by me before your first session. There is no cost for you to download this program.

All you need is…

  • Internet Connection
  • A private room where you feel the safest
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone

Who Can Schedule a Teletherapy Call?

Is Teletherapy Effective?

YES….Teletherapy is highly effective for those who experience many difficult life situations. It is effective for those who struggle to leave the comfort of their own home and would like to communicate where they feel the safest.

If you are seeking help with depression, anxiety, or other treatment needs, Teletherapy can be a practical, effective solution for you, especially when guided along by a compassionate empathic clinician!

Your next question might be, is it effective for children? The answer is YES! I have well over a year of experience with doing Tele-Therapy for children with very high success. I keep the children engaged and active during each session. Here is an example of a testimonial I received on how Tele-Therapy has helped this family.

” Tele-health has been a wonderful experience for us. Our daughter was able to take an established in-person/in-office relationship and bring a new level to her sessions within the comfort and safety of her own personal space at home. In some ways, this has brought a greater depth to her therapeutic experience. As parents, we are still able to provide updates and check-in regularly through not just the video conference itself, but also using other tools such as Dropbox; this can actually allow more time for the appointed session, at times. Tele-health can be equally as interactive as an in-person session while also allow a greater convenience for our family lifestyle.”

Will my insurance cover my Teletherapy?

Most insurance companies will provide coverage for Teletherapy due to the high success rate of individuals making treatment progress! If I do not accept your insurance, please let me know and I will work with you to make sure that cost is not preventing you from getting help!

I offer a sliding scale based on your financial situation, which I would be glad to discuss with you when you are ready to call for your free consultation!

What is the Next Step???

Feel free to call for your free consultation at 970-217-2486 to see if Teletherapy may benefit you. I will work with you closely during your free consultation phone call to help you find the right road for your treatment needs.

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