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I invite children, adolescents, and adults to my practice. I allow individuals to take a lead in their discussions, so that they process, and discover their own solutions. I am compassionate, listen without judgement, and acknowledge their experience without moving the conversation in another direction. I truly enjoy meeting new individuals where they are on their own journey. We all have stories that can help heal others. I enjoy creating a safe place (online or in-person) that will allow others to share their story and allow the person to flourish into their authentic self!

Mission Statement: Helping children, adolescents and adults to be the best versions of themselves, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Thank you for viewing my site. It is such a brave thing to do. Seeking help is not easy. If you decide to take the Other Road, I want you to know that we are in this together. I would like for you to take your time viewing this site and if you have any questions please contact me. I would like for you to find the right clinician for you to flourish. Everyone is worthy of connection. Please click on the boxes below to find out more information about my services. I offer free consultations to discuss your goals. Please call or schedule your free consultation at 970-573-1655.


Do you have past wounds that you would like to heal? Would you like to create an identity that is outside of your comfort zone? Are you ready to free your past? READ MORE…


Are you constantly worrying about past or upcoming situations? Are you worried about leaving your house? Are you feeling controlled by your thoughts? READ MORE…


Do your thoughts tell you that you are not good enough? Do you constantly compare yourself to others? READ MORE….


Are you experiencing post-partum depression, anxiety, or both? Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent? READ MORE….


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I look forward hearing from you.

Much gratitude,

Mallorie Smolen LCSW

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