Where to go and what to do when in a mental health crisis?

Summit Stone:
Mobile crisis counselors- available 24/7/365 will travel to and assess all throughout
Larimer County.
Behavioral Health Urgent Care and Crisis Stabilization Unit:
1217 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524

Can go to get an assessment completed 8am-midnight (970) 494-4200
If needed, can stay in stabilization unit. Those in a mental health crisis can stay for up to five days to receive intensive therapy,
including psychiatric and nursing services. Group and individual sessions are offered daily. Upon discharge, patients receive a comprehensive treatment plan with follow up. Adolescent and adult substance use intensive outpatient program (minimum of 9 hours per week of treatment). Treatment is provided through group therapy and individual outpatient counseling sessions. Case management is also included to help clients access basic needs and resources to increase the likelihood of recovery. Some of these basic needs and resources include:

  • Substance monitoring
  • Specialized program for individuals who are pregnant and struggling with using
  • Medication-assisted treatment for substance use
  • Other medication management services available

North Range:
The Crisis Resiliency Center
970.347.2120 option 2
Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm
No appointment required.

The Crisis Resiliency Center at North Range
5901 Majestic Street, Frederick, CO 80504
Can walk-in for metal health crisis disturbance, such as situational crisis, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, feelings of overwhelm, stress, loneliness…etc.

Are you or a loved one in crisis?
Call 844.493.TALK (8255), Text Talk to 38255, or come to 928 12th Street in
Call 970.347.2120 to make or change an appointment.

Types of Care
Outpatient: Outpatient care can take many forms. Most commonly, it includes individual, group, or family
therapy. Most treatment and medication checks happen in our offices, but some people receive services in a
school, community location, drop-in center, or one of our residential programs. Providers work together to
develop the right treatment approach for you.

Medications: Medications can help you cope with the symptoms of many disorders. If your symptoms might
be helped by medication, you may see a medical team member. If medications are prescribed, a medical
professional will explain their names, functions, dosages, therapeutic benefits, side effects, and risks.

Inpatient or Acute Treatment: A 24-hour setting may be recommended during periods of acute symptoms.
Inpatient treatment may occur in the psychiatric unit of a hospital, in our Acute Treatment Unit (ATU) for
mental health issues, or in our True North Adult Intensive Services program for addiction disorders.

Detoxification: We provide safe detoxification services from drugs and alcohol in our social detox facility
and can refer clients for medical detoxification when necessary. Detoxification is often the first step in the
journey of recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program: Adults only (must be 18yo+)
4x per week ~ 2hrs per meeting, group typically. If therapist feels needs individual can schedule
accordingly. This is all crisis intervention services.
Detox/Medication management available through North Range as well. Must detox prior to entering Intensive Outpatient.